Here you can find updates on the DomainWorld project:

12.09.22 Added support for Pfam35, updated DOGMA and RADIANT. RADIANT was updated to version 1.0
27.06.21 Added support for Pfam 33.1 and Pfam 34
17.02.20 DomRates, a program to analyse domain arrangements changes along a phylogenetic tree, has been published
11.05.19 A DOGMA webserver is now available
07.11.18 New DOGMA version 3.4 with Partial Domain Analysis included and Pfam version 32 support. Furthermore, more specific coresets are now available. New version of RADIANT published A DSM matrix for PFAM 32 is now available.
02.07.18 Release of RADS version 2.3.2 with additional features bugfixes. Database for InterPro 69 now available as well.
12.09.17 Release of a new DOGMA version that uses the new RADIANT annotation program
04.08.17 New RADS version and corrected RADS database
21.07.17 Launch of the new Website for Domain World. In the future this website will contain all the programs that belong to the domain analysis project that are developed in our group. Currently we are happy to be able to offer the quality assessment program DOGMA and a new version of RADS with updated databases. We are now working on a new version of MDAT and hope that we will be able to provide you with some web services on the long run.

More information about existing and planned programs can be found on the programs overview.